20 August 2013

While you wait...

Jill and I are spending some time this week sprucing up the site. If we do it right, you will notice nothing has changed. In the meantime, we've come across some oldies, but goodies.

Remember these?

Mupwa claims he's actually been recognized on the street from this post. "Hey you're the guy who makes the tiki torches!"

Go Mupwa!

I'm still not even sure this really happened. It seems totally outrageous, but at the time I never even thought to question the laser boob treatments. That's what postpartum haze will do.

I LOVE these  baby wearing tutorials. And I swear it has nothing to do with the irresistible baby model. Don't forget Part Deux: The Front Sling.

When Mama Knows Best and That Mama's Not Me. Yeah, some things never change.

Were these girls really this little?!

This is still quite possibly the strangest thing that's happened during our time in Kinshasa.

And like clockwork, as soon as I got back this year the Mamas told me how good I looked. (Read: How fat I looked.)  Remember when I made the collarbone photo faux pas?

More new, original posts coming back tout de suite!

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