25 March 2012

Friday List. (On Sunday. Oops.)


Well it's about that time. This happened to Charlotte as she started solid foods during papaya season. Poor little Ani's been hitting the sweet potatoes a little too hard. On babies turning orange.

Coups making a comeback? I feel like I've been a little too close for comfort to a few of these.

Coup by pittaya, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  pittaya 

Have a little French reader? Love this service.

I found out about this project after it was over...but still read every entry.

Thinking of Jon and Daniele today as they visit Congo's pride and joy, the Bonobos.

A lot of good points in this article.

Woke up grumpy this morning with no water. So started a fight with Adam for not having this ready for my shower.


Really digging this hot pink polish. Perfect for making me feel almost okay about my constantly Kinshasa-dirty feet. I've decided that I'm a strong advocate for the pedicure.

Maybe Birchbox will send a sample soon?  We're allowed one, small package per family each month here in Kinshasa.  Both Sarah and I have prioritized this great self-indulgence for our precious shipping allowance.

Thinking a little too much about APA style.  Are you up on all of the more recent, 6th Edition, changes?  We've had several animated dinner time conversations with friends recently about the non-indented paragraph, the capitalization of "Googled," and the death of the hyphen.  Keep up to date here.

Important interview this past week on maternal mortality in the United States (we use some of our precious bandwidth to download Democracy Now, BBC Newshour, and Sound Opinions...).  It's an 'obvious' issue here in Africa, but did you realize that the U.S. has it's own issues?

Dreaming of Kampala...(and planning a next Fall meet-up with friends.)

So impressed with my sweet friend Emily's new shop and amazing line of sustainable London lingerie.

Still thinking of our recent heated conversation round the dinner table about the definition of country music.  I learned that Johan should not be provoked regarding this subject.  So, have at it! What is your definition of country music???

Someone we can all agree on?  Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, Look Magazine Photograph Collection, card number lmc1998005787/PP

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  1. Love your lists ladies and it makes me also quite miss the dinners on Colicello street greatly!


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