9 March 2012

wear your baby: DIY by Mama NouNou

Today - while Sarah and I are off with Dr. Laure the obstetrician (don't worry, we'll fill you in later!) - we leave you with Mama NouNou's guide to wearing your baby.

It's easy, cheap, convenient, and good for everyone involved.

All you need is a tablecloth, an old sheet, or a length of sturdy fabric.  Here, everyone uses about 2 meters of pagne (the gorgeous cloth that we blabber on about any chance we get):


So, grab your fabric and your baby and follow these THREE simple steps:

 Have a baby who isn't quite ready for the back carry yet?  Stay tuned for Mama NouNou's solution in a future post.

(Special thanks to dearest little Annaïs and Mama NouNou, of course.)

p.s.  Mama NouNou is the same person as Mama "NuNu" mentioned in previous posts...she simply corrected my misspelling...!


  1. That's so beautiful! Meanwhile, Ani is currently on Mamicho's back in a very unglamorous beach towel. So there's that option too...

  2. Much less expensive than the carriers we're sold here in the States! I guess I don't quite see how it doesn't all slip down after awhile, though...

  3. I asked Mama NouNou about the fabric slipping, and she wanted me to make sure to tell everyone to use a sturdy cotton with some traction - not a slippery scarf or other, more delicate fabric. I have a little trouble with slipping when I have worn Lou on my back - but I just lean over, re-tighten my knots, and all's well. Women around here often have one baby on their back, one on their hip, and a huge bucket full of greens balanced on their head. Practice and necessity, I suppose...

  4. Thanks for showing us all about this, MamaNouNou and Ani!

  5. Where can I buy a pagne? I've been researching so much and can't find any to buy online :/


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