20 March 2012


The puckered, lovely maracuja or passion fruit.

The above photo is (really) my computer desktop photo image.  Just because I want to be reminded regularly of this weird little fruit.

The other day, I heard a commotion in my backyard.  I went outside and saw a group of atelier workers yelling (semi-jokingly) at Mupwa.  I asked Mama Vida to tell me the scoop and she gladly ranted on about how Mupwa had promised all the workers a thriving maracuja vine.  Mupwa prides himself on his vast knowledge (according to him) of all things medicinal and traditional in the Congo.  He had been pumping everyone up with stories of all of the amazing health benefits of maracuja and now, the people were demanding their product.

The passion fruit grows along the fence by our pool here at TASOK.  Occasionally, if you are very lucky, you can pluck one from the vines for yourself.  Most often, I suspect Mupwa gets there first.

Mupwa isn't the only one to sing the praises of this "super fruit."  You do a search for passion fruit online and phrases like "phytonutrients", "colon protector", "destroys pro-inflammatory free radicals" start popping up.  Nice.  I mean, who doesn't want to do all of those things?

Generally, we eat them because they taste INCREDIBLE.  The smell is downright...passionate.  They are sweet and tart and smooth and crunchy all at the same moment.

We scoop the little seeds straight out of the rind.  Or put them into a bowl:

And mix it with yogurt.  And put it in smoothies.  And even make salad dressing.

Lou isn't yet convinced.  But, Elias?  Certainly:

Theoretically, this taste affinity is a very good thing for my energetic oldest child.  Apparently...
"2 glasses of juice will naturally calm down the most hyperactive child, and for this reason it is highly valued by Brazilian mothers."
 Sounds good to me...


  1. I want to try this fruit. Elias, will you bring us a bit? (I mean, if you don't need EVERY bit). Thanks! ---G-Ma

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