11 February 2014

Mupwa's Babies: Then & Now

Remember Mupwa?  (No?  Read about him here, here, and here.)

Last March, he was distraught because his tiny new twin girls looked like this:

Stuck in plastic incubators at the big (expensive) hospital.  

This situation was so important and so concerning that I even wrote about it here.

I will never forget the haunting images of those babies in boxes or the face of their papa when he told me what was happening.


The other day, we had a celebration.  Because this is what those babies look like now:

That's Nsimba and Nzuzi or Katherine and Miriam.  They will be one year old next month.  A milestone worthy of a fête. (I think we polished off four plates of cookies, twelve samosas, and three cartons of juice.)

Enjoy their baby faces today.  I know Mupwa and N'Landu will.

The big sisters requested photos too, giving me their best "angst-y model" poses:

I told them they were allowed to smile.

Which they thought was a ridiculous request, but agreed to anyway:

Mupwa and N'Landu sure look a lot happier here: 

Then they did one year ago, here:

(Well...Mupwa says he smiles when he's stressed. This was taken at the NICU by Johan.)

And because of that, we are really, really glad.


  1. This is truly a celebration of life
    At first so fragile and so frail
    We all were
    Later, thanks to God
    we grow up and become strong
    Let's always remember
    The One who gives life

  2. Greetings to Mupwa! PLEASE tell him that we are SO sorry not to have been able to meet all his children, and I would have loved to sit and hold those babies!! Fun article and great pictures...


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