1 February 2014

Weekend List!

Sarah's List:

18 Athletes Going to Sochi Alone. P.S. When do the Olympics start? As you can imagine, winter sports don't get a whole lot of press on the continent of Africa.

If you know me, you know that before I agree to watch a movie I have to figure out how disturbing it is. A dog dies? Someone is tortured? A child is unhappy? I'm out. I use the Parent's Guide on IMDB because that means stuff-you-no-longer-want-to-see-in-a-movie-after-you're-a-parent. Right? Check out these great charts on MPAA ratings. 

Photo secrets of modernist cuisine.

Apparently a lot of people don't know how to make a baby.

The art of presence during grief

Kid's author Mara Rockliff visited our students in Congo this week! We all read My Heart Will Not Sit Down in preparation for her arrival. A great book about the time a village in Cameroon sent $3.77 to the city of New York during the Great Depression.

Buy it here!

A fascinating read on money and happiness.

And guess the baby...

Photo credit: Robert Maust

Jill's List:

Beautiful photos of life with kids.

My own photo.  Little kid carrot fist.

Have you ever heard of oil-pulling?  I hadn't until I read this post.  And now I'm really curious...

Making this chocolate bombshell.  (In theory.)

Because I'm always almost going to dye my hair.

From this post.

A follow-up on the McDonald's story that sparked some interested debate.  Where should elders gather?  I love some of the quotes in this piece.

Logo from WikiCommons

Leaving affordable, plentiful French school options is going to be so painful.  Maybe we have a shot at a program like this?

We love school in French.  Photo of Lou and Charlotte's Pre-Maternelle class by Sarah.

Interesting doctor perspective on vaccination and non-vaccination. The most compelling idea in this conversation for me is the fact that we are not islands.  My decisions affect others whether it's obvious or not.  I've been on every side of this argument during my parenting years.

Our old favorite picture of me giving baby Ani a vaccine at the supper table.

Eeek.  I need to order our Valentine's Day cards.  I'll probably go with this place or this place.

Last year's edition.


  1. I love reading your blog Jill....We have that valentine's day card hanging at work still from last year! Love it!

    -Sue S.

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