14 February 2014

Weekend List!

Jill's List:

I so wish that I didn't fear/respect Getty Images' litigious reputation so much, because I want to show you these new stock photos showing women and girls as something more than "Women in Shoulder Pads Emasculating Tiny Men" (Description of women traditionally seen in stock photography by Alice Proujansky). I kind of want to be friends with all of these new ladies.

Our own alternative version of women at work:  Mama Youyou teaching Adam how to use that sewing machine.

Three photography books you should buy: this, this, and this (an early Sartorialist?) - Curated by Lara!

Buy this book here.

For those of you stuck in a blizzard.

A similar activity at our house...

2/14/14 in Virginia.  I heart this.

2/14/14 in Kinshasa.

You know you live in Congo when...
...these are what you find your three year old carrying around the house as her newest treasure:

(Learn more about this important campaign here.)

You MUST look at this blog.  Hip pagne is everywhere.  Click.  Now! Quick!

Thanks, Chayet, for letting us use your image!
Stay tuned, Mama Congo readers, for a Guest Post from this fabulous Parisian.

Hey!  Does anyone want my job?  No, I'm serious.  Email me if you're interested.  Starts August 2014.

Sarah's List:

The science of reincarnation. I first read this article a few months ago and I can't get it out of my head.

Turns out there's a scientific reason people don't like redheads.

I happen to like redheads. Just defying science one kid at a time.

Oh gosh. This looks amazing. A Kenyan mockumentary about the NGO world.

Could "brain drain" actually be good for Africa? An interesting argument.

Redemption Song: What happens when children of war enter civilian life. 

Guess whose recipe is going to be published in a cookbook? Mama Youyou and her nyanpul will be making an appearance in the next edition of Share: The Cookbook That Celebrates Our Common Humanity.

Buy the previous edition here.

Check out the organization behind this great cookbook, Women for Women International.

Stuck inside? DIY playdough! (Worth a look just for the beautiful photos.)

Who doesn't love a round of "Would you rather..."

And here's a good one. Snowpocalypse folks: Would you rather dig yourself out of the snow or battle worms in your kid's foot?

Yep, dear Charlotte's got a case of the "creeping eruption" otherwise known as worms crawling in your foot. Cause: Running barefoot one too many times with neglectful parents who clearly didn't scrub that foot enough.


  1. As a natural, lifelong redhead I'm struck to learn there is a bias against redheads in bars. I'd be interested to know if there is any research about redhead bias in the workplace, technology, religion, politics, academics, healthcare, literature, etc. I'm not saying that kids didn't tease me as an adolescent. But I don't think it was any more or less than the teasing that other kids received for being perceived as different : tall, short, smart, uncoordinated, etc.

  2. And, I can honestly say that the positive attention I've received for being a redhead, wildly outweighs the amount of childhood teasing. (This is based in decades of unscientific research.) So Sarah & Adam, don't be too concerned about the fate of your redheads.


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